About fml365*

Cheeky names, seriously good products.

Everywhere you look, everyone seems to be spruiking self care. The need to take time some 'me' time.. the significance of rituals.. the need to nurture your skin, your body, your mind
And we do understand the need for self care - it's the cornerstone of wellness, and wellness is pretty important if you want to be.. well.. well. But we also understand that real life can get chaotic.  Like really chaotic and crazy as sh*t. And that not everyone has the time for a 15 step ritual to take care of themselves. 
That's why FML365* brings you high quality Australian made skincare and body products that are quick and easy to use and that you can trust. They look good, make you feel good, and best of all are also good for you. To help make your everyday a little better.

You may notice that we take a no bullsh*t approach to wellness and beauty. We speak our minds, and that's how we like it. Think of us as that fearless best friend with no filter who isn't afraid to tell you how it is. 

And while our names might be cheeky, we make serious products that are simple but effective. We are natural based and leave out all nasty and unnecessary additives and we never test on animals.

Our products make the perfect cheeky gift or of course for personal use;
what ever we can do to put a smile on some beautiful faces.